Tuesday 30 September 2014

Tuesday September 30

Assalam Alaikum,

Language Arts 7A and 7B

Today in language arts the students were assessed on poetry reading.

HW: Read for 30 minutes
7B need to complete a response sheet related to the poem they read in class.

Social Studies HW

The students received questions last week that are to be answered by tomorrow for 7B and Thursday for 7A.  These questions also serve as a review for the upcoming social studies test on Chapter 1.

Eid Celebration

InshAllah the students will be going on a bowling trip on Oct. 7 to celebrate Eid. We will also hold a class party that day. Students in 7A have already picked what they would like to bring. Since this will be their lunch that day our focus will be on healthy eating.  The party for 7B will be organized by Tr. Dina.  We will postpone our gift exchange to Oct. 7 inshAllah since it will be more fun that way.

Tr. Heba