Monday 11 November 2013

History Test - Thursday covering Chapter 2 "The Society of New France"

Chapter 2 History Review
The Society of New France

Understand following to help study for your test:

Ø  the different levels of people in the society of New France (the hierarchy)
o   who was in charge in France, and who was in charge in New France
o   what groups were at the bottom of the hierarchy and why
Ø  how New France was governed and names of key officials in New France
o   what were some responsibilities of the governor, who was the famous governor, why was he famous, what things did he do for New France
o   what were the responsibilities of the intendant, who was the first intendant of New France, why was he important, what did he do
Ø  Where did most citizens live in New France and why?
Ø  How the Catholic Church was run
o   who were some of the key officials of the Catholic Church
o   who was the first bishop, what were his roles and responsibilities, what did he do for the Catholic Church of New France

Ø  how was the economy set up – what were ways that New France tried to increase its wealth

Terms you should know:
·         hierarchical society
·         viceroy
·         commoner
·         bishop
·         diocese
·         parish
·         lay organization
·         census
·         indentured servant
·         mercantilism
·         triangular trade