Wednesday 15 January 2014

Updates from Tr. Kherta

Dear Parents,

Here are a few updates on our progress in Language Arts and History:

In Language Arts, we have completed our study of short stories with an author study on the life of Edgar Allan Poe. Students engaged in research and used a variety of sources to learn about one of the most interesting authors of the 19th century. Currently, students have begun a novel study on Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. During this unit, students will be working on comprehension and analysis skills, reflective writing through journaling, and focusing on oral communication through the preparation of oral presentations.

In History, students have been learning about the British takeover of New France and the consequences of this takeover on the social and political structure of Canada. As we progress in this unit, students will research about the various groups that came to settle in Canada at that time, namely the Loyalists and the impact they had on the development of the colony at that time.