Friday 16 November 2012

French Class - Updates from Tr. Amina

Assalam Alaikum Dear Parents,

In French, through our story *Le Bistro des Animaux*, we are working on building fluency in oral communication and reading. We have daily kinesthetic vocabulary review using gestures as stated in Aim Language curriculum. We focus particularly on the use of verbs. These help students to acquire and / or to enhance the oral use of French language in their daily life.
We have also almost daily reading. We focus on the correct French pronunciation and on the expression.

We are of course working on our writing; so far we did many activities (related to the story) that combine reading and writing:
1.       Choisis le bon mot: The sentence is written with a space and a word bank is provided. Students read the sentence and fill up the blank with the correct word from the bank.2.       Les mots en ordre: Students have to put the words in order to form a sentence and write it.3.       Les phrases coupées: Students match 2 parts of a sentence and write the complete sentence. 
4.  Les mots qui riment: Students match the rhyming words provided. After that, they look for the rhyming words in the story. 
5. Les questions totales: In this activity the complete answer is in the question, students cross out all the extra vocabulary and the question mark. They write the answer using capitalization and the period at the end of the sentence.
6.The plural of the verbs : il/elle  fait, ils/elles font; il /elle va, ils/elles  vont;
7. The contraction : la  école ----˃ l’école
8. Double verbs  construction
9. The opposites
All the activities are modeled in class several times before any homework is assigned.
In any communication, oral or written, students are expected to use complete sentences. They are also required to speak only in French during French class.

For French tests, students have spelling words, an activity we have worked on and a grammar question. For the evaluation, the activity and the grammar have more weight than the spelling.
The purpose of the spelling is to help students to become familiar with the French orthography in order to prepare them for the creative writing activity we are having at the end of the unit.
If you have any question you can contact me by calling the school or by email.

Jazakum Allah Kheiran for your cooperation
Tr. Amina
French Department