Wednesday 21 November 2012

Today's Updates

Just a few reminder for tonight:

- Islamic Studies Test (covering Chapter 1-3 in Unit A) is moved to tomorrow (Thursday)
- Science Unit Test (covering  WB 14-17, 26-29, and 42-45) is this Friday!
- Reminder to those students who have not yet printed out their Group of Seven artwork - please do so by tomorrow!

Note: Many students have misplaced their IS study questions. Here they are:

Chapter 1-3 Review Questions
1.      State one ayah of the Qur’an that explains the Muslim’s attitude to all Prophets and Messengers. (Arabic or English is fine).

2.      In which surah does Allah mention the names of 18 prophets? Find ayat and record their names.

3.      Which 3 prophets are the only ones who spoke the Arabic language among those mentioned in the Quran?

4.      Name some of the trails faced by the prophets in their lives. Why do you think the Prophets had to endure such hard lives?

5.      What two methods did Allah use to communicate with His prophets? Give an example for each type.

6.      Describe the 4 general characteristics of the prophets and give a clear example for each.

7.      Why do you think Allah chose only humans, not angels, to be prophets and messengers?

8.      What is the one message that every prophet came with to his people?

9.      What is the difference between  “nabiy” and “rasool”? Explain clearly.

10.  What was the main responsibility of a messenger?

11.  Why were books revealed to messengers even though other books were revealed before?

12.  What should a Muslim believe about current holy books that exist other than the Quran?

13.  Which ayah in the Quran tells us that the original message of the Injeel told the people about the coming of Prophet Muhammad (sal Allahu alayhi wa salam).

14.  Why is it necessary for someone who is memorizing the Quran to memorize it in Arabic and do their best to memorize it with tajweed?