Thursday 16 October 2014


Assalam Alaikum Dear Parents,

Grade 7A and 7B Langauge Arts HW

  • Several rubrics were returned to the students today. Please sign and return the rubrics tomorrow.
  • 7B: The 7B's were assigned a Media Literacy assignment that was mostly finished in class.  This assignment is due tomorrow. 

Social Studies HW
The students have been assigned the last assignment for chapter 1.  This assignment includes the following:

  • A graphic organizer explaining their preferred choice of life style 
  • A historical journal sheet
  • A poster (size A4) that explains why they chose that group and that tries to convince others to join that life style.  Please note that this portion of the assignment has not yet been explained to 7B but inshAllah I will do so tomorrow. 
This assignment is due next Wednesday for grade 7B and next Thursday for grade 7A.

Have a lovely afternoon inshAllah.