Monday 17 December 2012

Winter Break: Homework and Reminders

Important Reminders for Winter Break:

Language Arts:Students should work on completing their typed draft of their short story. The short story should be 1-2 pages typed, 12pt font. Want to get ahead? Complete your final draft of "Brain's  Diary" based on the novel "Hatchet" by Gary Paulsen. This will be due the week after our return.

Math: no homework.

Science: no homework.

Quran: Memorize ayat 13-14 of surah Saff/

Non-Speakers: no homework.

Arabic Speakers: Qawa'id test on Al-Asmaa al-Khamsa Monday Jan. 7th and Reading test on Al-Itisalat on Tuesday Jan. 8.

French: Complete any incomplete worksheets.

Girls' Health: Complete the product sketch of your health project and bring in materials to create the packaging.

Boys' Reading: Complete the reading brochure project given out by Tr. Ahmed