Monday 3 December 2012

Writing a Short Story - Steps

                        Stage #1: Begin by preparing a list of ideas.  Make decisions about which ideas you will and will not use in your short story.

Stage #2: Organize your ideas into categories.

                         Stage #3: Write your hand-written, double-spaced draft copy, including each of the following:  description, narration, and dialogue. Remember to include figurative language learned in class: simile,  metaphor, hyperbole and the use of detailed description (imagery).

                       Stage #4: Meet with a classmates to edit your short story together. Make changes to your work in your own writing in a different colour. Have your classmate initial your work after it has been proofread.

   Stage #5: Think of an appropriate title for your short story.

                                                     Stage #6: Prepare your final, typed copy: one to two pages in length, Times New Roman and 12 point font.